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Your proactive health is our mission. Meijibio Clinic is proud to be a bridge unit for high-end regenerative medical services globally. We have been making continuous efforts to create opportunities for the community to access advanced regenerative medicine products in the world to promote improving the health and quality of life of Vietnamese people.

Meijibio is always creative and finds modern health care solutions in the medical field. We not only focus on bringing the latest advances in medicine to Vietnam, but also want to become “extended arms” for our customers, helping them reach the best medical opportunities. In the world.



Stem cell therapy is a modern regenerative medical solution that brings important breakthroughs in regenerating the body, improving health, rejuvenating the body, reversing some chronic diseases and improving health. overall quality of life.

✔ Improve health and rejuvenate the body

To reach “sustainable beauty” – beauty that comes from true inner health, Stem Cell therapy brings long-term effects, slowing down the aging process, prolonging lifespan and improving health. improve the overall health of the body.

✔ Supports the treatment of chronic diseases

Stem cells are the foundation for every organ and tissue in your body to develop, providing great potential in supporting the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, musculoskeletal degeneration, knee arthritis, and osteoarthritis. memory loss, chronic hepatitis, stroke,… and support for cancer treatment.

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NMN therapy contains ultra-pure NMN up to 99.9%, which is the key to enhancing NAD+ for a healthy and fully enjoyed life, reaching the era of longevity.

✔ Pushes back aging, rejuvenates the body and is full of energy

NMN activates the “Sirtuin longevity gene” to rejuvenate blood vessels, radiate appearance, repel aging and increase energy to return youthful vitality.

✔ Improves the health and longevity of stem cells

NMN promotes stem cell health that produces healthy new cells, while increasing cell longevity, thereby combating age-related health decline and some chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis,…


NK immune cell therapy offers great potential in preventing and supporting the treatment of cancer and immune diseases thanks to its ability to detect and destroy abnormal cells in the body.

✔ Supports cancer treatment

NK therapy can stimulate the production and activity of immune cells to help inhibit tumors and repel cancer.

✔ Reduces the chance of cancer recurrence after treatment

After cancer treatment, the body will gradually weaken. Immune cell therapy then has the ability to help the body deal with pathogens and at the same time prevent the growth of potential cancer cells that may recur.

✔ Increases innate immunity against pathogens

Immunotherapy strengthens the body’s immunity to fight pathogens because a healthy immune system plays an important role in preventing and dealing with pathogens.



Dialysis therapy is a blood purification method using Japan’s No. 1 advanced blood filtration technology to help the body remove disease-causing substances and accumulated toxins from the blood to improve quality of life and maintain health. overview.

✔ Prevent potential health hazards

Purifies and eliminates inflammatory substances, viruses, accumulated residues and toxic substances, helping the body strengthen the immune system, thereby preventing the risk of underlying diseases such as diabetes, stroke, myocardial infarction, …

✔ Eliminate pathogens in the blood that affect health

Prevents blood clot formation and removes plaque in blood vessels, reducing the risk of blood circulation and cardiovascular problems.



MEIJIBIO is always committed to providing customers with the best quality services and health care products.
Therefore, having well-known strategic partners choose MEIJIBIO to accompany their community health care mission with their VIP customers is our great pride.
By providing world-leading health therapies, we hope to contribute to improving the health and longevity of the community, helping people enjoy a better life, full of energy and happiness.


“Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle. We are very honored to bring great experiences to customers who have used MEIJIBIO’s services

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