Dr. Le Tuyen Hong Duong

30 years of experience
Having spent nearly 20 years researching in the field of stem cells, as well as being a specialist consultant in regenerative medicine at MEIJIBIO, I always want to accompany, heal and bring wellbeing to each patient. with all my heart and all my medical knowledge because everyone deserves the healthiest and happiest life.

Educational Background

  • Graduated as a full-time General Practitioner from Hanoi Medical University in 1988
  • Nearly 20 years of experience in stem cell research at laboratories in Singapore and Japan.


  • Consulting doctor

Working process

  • Treating doctor, Deputy Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Head of Clinic of Military Medical Battalion D24, Division 312, Corps I of the Ministry of National Defense
  • Standing member – Executive Committee of Vietnam Anesthesia Association
  • Former Deputy General Director of Central Transport Hospital
  • Former Head of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Department of Central Transport Hospital
  • Former Director of Thu Cuc Hospital, Bac Ha Hospital, Hanoi Hospital,…

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