As a bridge between customers and MEIJIBIO, we always listen, comfortably understand and accompany customers through every step on the path of “Living healthy for life“, regenerating health and improving quality of life.

With the philosophy of “using attentiveness and professionalism as a characteristic style, taking customer satisfaction as a measure of ability“, MEIJIBIO’s customer service team always strives, unites, and dedicated to serving, creating foundational strength for the entire company system. Contribute to making every customer experience at MEIJIBIO perfect and complete.


Doctor: Le Tuyen Hong Duong

(Excellent physician, senior doctor, specialist II, 30 years of experience)

Doctor: Nguyen Tien Hoa

(PhD, director of the Institute of Cell Research and Applications)

Doctor: Nguyen Tien Dung

(Doctor, excellent physician, Specialist II, 30 years of experience)

Doctor: Nguyen Cong Son

(Specialist Doctor I, 30 years of experience)

Doctor: Phan Thi Thanh Van

(Master, Specialist II, 20 years of experience)

Chief Nursing: Nguyen Manh Trang

(20 years of experience)

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