Becoming the leading unit in Vietnam providing a proactive, advanced and 5-STAR health care ecosystem of international stature.


  • For customers: As a provider of high-end regenerative medical services in Vietnam, the birth of MEIJIBIO is a bridge to bring world-class medical achievements to help protect health and improve quality. quality of life of Vietnamese people.
  • With partners: We are proud to be a strategic partner of many large medical corporations in the world in Japan, Singapore, America and European countries. Accompanying the trust of partners, MEIJIBIO always updates trends and commits to quality, thereby helping partners and customers feel absolutely secure when cooperating with MEIJIBIO.

Our story

MEJIBIO is proud to be an organization that always innovates and explores modern health care solutions in the medical field. We not only focus on bringing the latest advances in medicine to Vietnam, but also want to become “extended arms” of our customers, helping them reach the best medical opportunities in the world. world.
MEJIBIO determines its mission to be a reliable companion to bring world-class medical achievements to customers on the journey of “LIVING HEALTHY LIFETIME”, stepping towards a long, healthy and fulfilling life. satisfied.
In Vietnam, MEJIBIO gathers a team of doctors, specialists and leading consultants in the field of regenerative medicine. We always work with passion and deep commitment to improve people’s lives through healthcare. From there, build a bright medical future, where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, happy and long life.

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