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Stem cell transplant and everything you need to know

Stem cell transplantation with the ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissue has become a breakthrough in modern medicine, bringing new hope to many patients. This article Meijibio will provide essential information about stem cell transplantation and all the things you need to know.

What are mesenchymal stem cells? Mechanisms and applications in modern medicine

Mesenchymal stem cells are important research in modern medicine thanks to their ability to self-regenerate and transform into many different cell types. So what are mesenchymal stem cells? and what are their mechanisms and applications in modern medicine?

Is stem cell facial rejuvenation technology really effective?

Facial skin rejuvenation technology using stem cells is attracting great attention with the promise of bringing beautiful, youthful skin. Does this method really bring the expected results or is it just a trendy trend?

Coping with type 2 diabetes - Tips for healthy living

With the significant increase in type 2 diabetes today, understanding the disease and applying appropriate healthy living tips has become extremely important. Let's explore and learn useful information with Meijibio

Distinguish different types of stem cells according to current origin

Stem cells have become a topic that attracts the attention of many people because they possess special differentiation abilities. So do you know what types of stem cells are currently being researched and applied? Join Meijibio to learn more through the article below.

Meijibio Clinic and its mission to improve community health

Along with the development of science and technology, Meijibio has been trying its best to serve the cherished mission of an ecosystem that comprehensively cares for the health of the Vietnamese community.

What diabetes index is dangerous? Do you know yet?

Have you ever asked yourself the question: "What level of diabetes is dangerous for your health?" This article will take you deeper into the level of diabetes that needs to be controlled and the solutions to protect it. comprehensive health protection.

Learn about adult stem cells and their advantages

Today, adult stem cells have attracted the attention of many scientists and researchers thanks to their great potential in supporting the treatment and regeneration of chronic diseases. Join Meijibio to further explore this type of cell

Application to support the treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cells

Osteoarthritis seems to become an "enemy" of health, turning every sleep into a worry and anxiety. Let's find out now how the application to support the treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cells has opened up promising prospects.

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